I’m from a small town called Orkanger. Few miles south of Trondheim in the middle of Norway.

Now I live in the city Trondheim and have played for Munken Bowlingklubb since 2011.
Started my career at Orkla Bowlingklubb in my local town in 2004. Signed for Trondheim Bowlingklubb in 2006 before I went back to Orkla in 2009.

In 2014 I went to Malta to play the Malta Open Championships. Qualified easily and was just a few pins short to get a bye. In the first final step I played terrible and it was just a spare in the 10th frame that made me go further.
The next final step we played round robin. I didn’t get a great start at all and I ended last. From that moment people started to call me “Franktastic”. Some kind of irony from the other players but I liked it and it reminds me of that feeling I had after the final.
I took the nickname and rebranded all my social media accounts. Finally I got a nickname that wasn’t offensive or just poor.

Best game: 300
Best 3 game: 784
Best 4 game: 1110
Best 6 game 1481

Frank Franktastic Selvag